Meghan moves from starlet to royal style

Meghan Markle’s style is moving from Hollywood to royalty as she embarks on her new career.Mini skirts, crop tops and fitted dresses have given way to tailored suits and elegant separates as Meghan Markle prepares to become a duchess.

Since her engagement to Prince Harry in November, the American actresses’ wardrobe has undergone the royal treatment, with hemlines lengthened and conservative looks favoured.

It’s a far cry from her early-2000s red carpet appearances during her time as a model on US TV show Deal or No Deal, where she donned bright colours and edgy, revealing outfits.

Christine Ross, who chronicles Meghan’s style on the blog Meghan’s Mirror, said the actress hadn’t discovered her personal style at the time.

“In those early pictures of her, you can tell she was definitely following trends,” she told AAP.

“It’s like when you look back at an old photo of yourself and cringe, but at the time you thought you looked really fashionable.”

It wasn’t until Meghan landed the role of Rachel Zane on legal drama Suits that her look became her own, Ms Ross said.

“Her character Rachel wears these professional outfits, tailored suits and fitted skirts and it’s not really that different from what she wears now.”

“But we’re probably never going to see those short-suits again,” Ms Ross said, referring to Meghan’s penchant for matching blazer and short combos.

n celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson said Meghan has emerged as a fashion thoroughbred.

“She now dresses with confidence and I think that comes from her knowing what works for her and sticking to it,” she told AAP.

“She knows that different doesn’t necessarily mean better.”

Although Meghan’s look has become more conservative, Ms Wilkinson predicts she will continue to break some fashion rules.

“Meghan wore a pant suit to an evening event recently which was huge, and she didn’t wear tights at her engagement,” she said.

“So while I think she definitely understands her role and knows what’s expected, she’s going to break a few rules and redefine royal dressing.

“It’s really her take – a more Hollywood glam take – on royal dressing.”

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