Your Home: Tiled floors offer versatility and flexibility

Herringbone: This configuration takes the geometric pizazz from the 1920s and blends the simplicity of shape – key to the Scandinavian look.Once the epitome of easy care, tiled floors are now coming into their own as an important element of style due to their flexibility, especially tiles with tactile surfaces and an organic feel such as timber-look tiles.

“What I love about the timber-look trendis that the detail and movement in each individual tile can be further emphasised by the choice of layoutto create a stunning look that is seasonally transitional,”Beaumont Tiles Strategic DesignerChristie Woodsaid.

Determine your ambience first, then pick a shade to create it and layout to emphasise it. Warm whites tend to have a yellow, red or brown undertone for a warm and cosy atmosphere and cool whites have a grey, blue or green undertone, bringing light to dark spaces and a fresh, bright look.

Ms Wood’s ideas include:

Herringbone:Extend your Scandinavian styling with timber-look tiles in a classic herringbone pattern.To complete the look, pair with neutral colours and marble finishes. Think whites, woods, soft pastels and accents of metallics.

Ms Wood recommends Beaumont’sAntique Oak Honeyor theElegance Timber Tortora.

“These are both light in colour with a subtle, yet dynamic texture which will really work cohesively with your overall Scandinavian concept,” she said.

To transition a space from Scandinavian to a more contemporary feel, consider theAcacia Wood Mieleor Acacia Wood Marron.

Diagonal:Running timber-look tiles in a diagonal direction is a great way to inject freshness and vitality into a room no matter the season.

This vibrant pattern will also visually enlarge any space by creating an elongating contrast to static shapes.

Hone in on a Global Fusion vibe with theAmazon Mid GreyorAcacia Wood Grigio. To accentuate this, embrace an earthy colour palette with hues of emerald, forest green or terracotta.

Visual: Running timber look tiles in a diagonal direction can visually enlarge any space by creating an elongating contrast to static shapes.

Feature flooring:“Feature flooring is a brilliant way to add different backdrops to key spaces in the home, while at the same time connecting them all with a common thread,” said Ms Wood.

For homes influenced by Country Chic styling, pair a timber look tile with an inner feature tile in the lounge room and dining.

“My favourite combination isRevival Wood Turquoisefor both warm and cool-lit homes, with a digitally printed tile in a modern flora and strong shapeslike the Shabby Chic Blue as the break-out or feature tile,” Ms Wood said.

Embrace the Country Chic vibe by teaming your floor feature with classic blues, neutrals or greys and mix up your textures when it comes to accessorising.

Want to explore some more styles for your dream space? Try Beaumont’s What’s My Style online quiz.

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